Monday, July 17, 2006

Brittney Spears

I am having to post at work again today due to issues we still have with Sprint and our phones. They came out Friday, only for me to get home from work to a note that says they checked outside and it must be our wireless router. Very interesting since our wireless router was UNPLUGGED. So Ray called and set up for them to come on Monday, today. Of course someone shows up at our house on Saturday when we were not there. Of course, we didn't know it, but they could have gone in our house as we left the garage door wide open all weekend long. We were sure we closed it when we left on Saturday morning, but I guess not. Everything was still there when we got home yesterday. Hopefully Spring can fix the problem today as I have plenty of great pictures from this weekend.

Ashley loves the beach. We took her Saturday while Mom and Ed watched Audrey. It amazes me how she will just play with anyone too. There was a little boy whose mom brought him to Ashley so she could go swim, and she happily dug in the sand with him. It is also really neat that Ashley is communicating so well with other children. When she was younger, it was a lot of parallel playing. But now she will actually ask her friend across the street if she can play on her playset or like at the beach, she asked the little boy (his name was Brice) if she could use his shovel. I don't know when this actually started happening, but it is nice that she now asks and doesn't just barge over and take toys. And the mom who pretty much dropped her kid with us? Well, we were leaving the beach before she came back out of the water, so Ray made sure he made it back to the umbrella that the rest of his family was at.

We made the trip in a little over 3 hours, both ways. I know, you are wondering how we do that with a baby and a 3 year old. The video keeps Ashley entertained and if we limit her liquid intake, we only have to stop once for a pee break. Audrey, well, we pull a Britney Spears and take her out of her car seat to feed her if she gets hungry. And don't worry, we keep her in the back seat unlike Britney. And this is totally legal according to NC DMV. Per their handbook I came to know very well, it states that the child can be taken out of a car seat "when the child's personal needs are being attended to." I even changed her poopy diaper with her on my lap yesterday on the way home. Yes, I am very talented.

The concert on Friday night was great but it was so freaking hot, sweat was pouring off of all of us. We were on a deck actually on Bass Lake, so the bugs were out in full force as well. We actually had a pretty big audience. Ashley was pretty cute, you could hear her above everyone else "that's Mommy!!". There were some rough spots in the music, and our first number we played was played faster than we have ever played it, but overall it went well. Here is a picture on the band member's wife took.

By the way, Audrey is now sitting up unassisted. She has been doing it for a couple of days now. And she will be six months tomorrow, Ashley will be three on Friday. Man, how time flies.

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