Tuesday, July 11, 2006


First of, I seem to have misplaced the good Ashley that would eat anything you put in front of her. I even think she would have eaten liver if I just convinced her it was chicken. These past two evenings Ray has been working and it's just been me and the kids. Last night we had swedish meatballs and she wouldn't even try them. I didn't feel like fighting that battle then. But tonight, we had cheese ravioli, something she has eaten many, many times before. "I don't like cheese," she told me. Of course, this coming from the child that eats cheese sandwiches for snacks. I told her she couldn't play with her new water play thing until she had a couple of bites. She finally did, very reluctantly. But I now know the real reason she didn't want to eat. She really wanted a "banola bar" because I happened to buy the ones that had chocolate chips in them.

I was laying in bed with Ashley after reading books. She poked me in the eye, and I told her it hurt. She said sorry, but not very convincingly. I told her she needs to mean it when she says sorry. Then I asked her when she is going to learn remorse, not expecting an answer. She replied "I will learn it tomorrow in school about bears." She is learning about bears tomorrow, so maybe they will teach her remorse.

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Happy Working Mom said...

My daughter has been the same way!! She has eaten anything from the day she started solid foods! Any baby food I put in front of her, and then any regular food! Now she's very picky and we spend a lot of meals fighting because I'm too stubborn to even think about cooking her something different!