Thursday, July 13, 2006


I guess I say "that's okay, though" a lot to Ashley. So much so, she is starting to say it all the time now too. She will do something she isn't supposed to do, and then tell me "that's okay, though." We really have to watch what we say around our kids. And a little update on Audrey - Ray normally drops the kids off at daycare and I pick up. Tuesday I had to work a little late so Ray picked them up. Ray said Audrey was just not acting like herself, but as soon as I got home she gave me the biggest smile and perked right back up. I guess she is used to the routine of Mommy coming to get her in the evenings.

I have my first band concert tomorrow night! I am pretty excited about it. It wasn't advertised too well (if at all), so I don't think too many people will show up.

We did finally get someone to rent our house in Virginia. We had this lady, then she backed out and now she is back in and actually has signed the lease. We will check her in next weekend when we are in Virginia for Ashley's third birthday. At least this will be some money in the door.

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