Thursday, August 03, 2006

I am Tired

Quick update - we had friends crash with us last night on their way back from Georgia to Virginia (please, please move to NC Heather!!), Heather and her wonderful three kids. Well, Ashley and Susan, Heather's oldest daughter, were sleeping on Ashley's floor. At about 12:30am, Ashley decided she wasn't going to sleep there anymore. So into our bed she came and she NEVER sleeps with us. We have even tried when she is sick or whatever, but last night she totally passed out in our bed. And then Audrey was up at least 4 times that I can remember (damn teeth). So not much sleep was had for Ray and I.

Then I come to work, have a cup of coffee, and then of course have to go to the bathroom. In there I notice - I had put my underwear on inside out. How sad.


Michele_3 said...

That's funny--only because I have done the excact same thing before..LOL!
Don't feel bad..
Have fun in NYC!

Bugs Mommy said...

Enjoy your trip! Hope you have a great time!