Thursday, August 03, 2006


I am off to NYC tomorrow morning. Me, my Mom, my friend Julie and her Mom are going to celebrate the Moms’ 50th birthdays. I am not excited about the 7:00am flight tomorrow morning, but I am excited about the trip. A weekend where I actually get to eat in a nice restaurant, have a glass of wine (or two, or three…), and actually finish a conversation without interruptions will be great. One thing that will definitely happen – I will miss my family. I will only be gone two nights and they will be in great hands (Ray and his parents and the dog Mocha), but I can’t help it. The Mommy guilt of not being there for every minute of their lives is huge for me. What if Ashley says something profound and cute and I miss it? What if Audrey cuts another tooth and I am not the first one to find it? What if Ray realizes no one is there to get mad at him about not loading the dishwasher even though I told him I would load it but secretly wanted him to load it out of the kindness in his heart?

Okay, enough about my guilt, I know, I just need to get over it. But all weekend I will be thinking about my family, wait, I did say enough about it, didn’t I? So if you are up Sunday morning and watch the Today show, we are planning to be there. Just look for me, I will probably be the one that looks like I was run over with a bus. Or just look for two 50 year old women with signs (yup, Julie made signs!)


Michele_3 said...

Awh! How fun,I'm super jealous!
I'm in such need of a getaway w/ hubby or even a girl's night out-
I have never spent the night away from any of my boys & I can understand your fears there.
But I bet you'll have a blast!
Drink a glass for me-LOL!

CPA Mom said...

Oh how exciting!! I love-cubed (love,love,love) NYC. Last time I went I was pregnant with Tigger. We went to the Today show too. Fun fun!! Be sure to tell everything you did so I can live vicariously through you! Are you seeing a broadway show??? Have a great time!! I understand your fears and worries about your kids but they will be fine. A Happy, well-rested Mommy = a Happy family.