Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Ray and I need some sleep. Last night was a repeat of Sunday night with a little bit of Ashley waking up in the middle of the night mixed in. And it is now 7:50 pm, and Audrey has been asleep for almost an hour and Ashley is in bed as well. If it weren't for Big Brother, I would be in bed as well!!

I had my annual doctor's appointment last week with my OBGYN. My blood pressure was high, which was strange since it was never even high when I was pregnant. So I went back today and it was better and in the normal range. Needless to say though, it made me realize I should really lose that "baby" weight (yes, Audrey is almost 7 months old, but I can still blame her). I have joined Weight Watchers online and we will hopefully buy a treadmill next week. So far, two days into it, it has been pretty easy. I am surprised by the fact that there are foods that are "0" points. The hard part will be the weekend, that's when we tend to overindulge ourselves and eat fast food. Wish me luck!


Michele_3 said...

wishing you luck w/ weight watchers..I'm starting South Beach soon, so I know what you mean..
No teeth yet? Hope you get sleep soon!

SJ said...

Good Luck Amy on the diet!!! I was a weight gain nightmare until I learned about the South Beach diet almost a year ago. I was on it hard core up until March-April 06 and just recently (this past Monday actually) started it again full force. On my journey so far, I’ve had great success, I'm thankful that it's worked for me!! This time around I decided to blog about it however…check it out sometime and let me know what you think!


CPA Mom said...

Good luck! I think you will like WW. I lost 60 lbs on it Before Kids. I just got frustrated with having to write down every.single.thing.I.ate. But once you get the hang of it, and add exercise, the weight will come off in no time.