Thursday, September 14, 2006

Ballet for 3 Year Olds

That's Ashley, the one without the skirt. She has a skirt, I just had to fish it out of her dress up box. We aren't sure if she likes ballet. Ashley's attention span isn't very good and according to Ray, she has his gracefulness, or lack thereof. The class is 45 minutes, and she probably pays attention to half of it. I would of course love to see her stick it out and make it to the recital, but if she isn't enjoying it, then it's not worth the money. Maybe if they had a I Dance Like a Crazy Person dance class, then she could go because sometimes that how she dances at home. So she will keep at it for a few more weeks and then we will decide if she should try something else.


Silly Hily said...

I wouldn't worry about her paying attention during all 45 minutes. I think that's still a long time, even for a 3 year old (hell, I can't even pay attention for 45 minutes).
But great for you for already knowing that if she doesn't enjoy it, you won't force her.
I can't even think about putting Silly Girl in a class like that. I still have at least another year for her to be MY baby.

CPA Mom said...

We have Tigger in the Little Gym dance class. 15 minutes ballet, 15 minutes tap, 30 minutes gymnastics. He totally sits on the side during the dance though he loves to groove at home dancing to music. Tomorrow, I take him for his third class. If he still does not participate, I'm going to pull him and just eat the $50 I paid for his tap and ballet shoes. Oh well. I understand!