Thursday, September 07, 2006

I'm Not Pregnant

When I was pregnant with Ashley, Ray and I decided not to tell anyone until after the magic twelve week mark. We didn't even tell our parents (and my Mom is still pissed about that). We were just scared that something bad would happen. It took us so long to get pregnant, that we didn't know what to think. That and the statistics seemed to be against us. Someone said 1 in 4 pregnancies ends in miscarriage. And considering I wasn't showing until around twelve weeks, it was nice just to keep it to ourselves for a while.

With Audrey, I was showing much sooner (at like eight weeks) so we had to tell everyone a little sooner. We were still nervous, but keeping up with Ashley and the rest of our lives, there just didn't seem to be as much time to worry. I guess in my head was the fact that I had a perfect little girl, if something were to go wrong with this pregnancy, I was already blessed with one child and would be happy. I am sure I would have been devestated if something had happened, but I had worked out in my head that it would have been okay. Thankfully, nothing happened and a healthy baby girl was born.

And no, I'm not pregnant. But Ray's brother and his girlfriend are. And I told you all the above because I have waited twelve weeks to tell the "blogging" world. Ray's brother and his girlfriend told everyone right away. It just made me nervous to write about it before the twelve week mark. Call me superstitous, whatever. I just felt better waiting.

Needless to say, I am estatic. Ashley and Audrey will have cousins (Ray's brother's girlfriend has a daughter already who I think is around 18 months old). And I get to be an AUNT!! Yea for me! Finally, kids I can spoil and totally screw up, and then hand them to their parents and say good luck getting them to bed tonight!

And back by popular demand (especially from the Grandparents), here is a video of Audrey on the swing. That is her laughing which is all she does in it.


CPA Mom said...

Shoot, we told everyone the second we found out. We were lucky we weren't shot down by lightning.

Thanks for the lift today. I love seeing babies laugh.

Silly Hily said...

That video was great.
Do you have a northern accent?
Oh, and congrats on becoming an Aunt. It's fun.
I wanted to wait at least a little while to tell people I was pregnant but both times I think everyone knew by the time I was done peeing on the damn stick. My husband can't hold it in.

Michele_3 said...

What a cute video!
My son use to crack up like that & we would all just get such a kick out of it..
Yeah for the new baby!
How exciting!