Thursday, November 09, 2006

Christmas in November

Hi, my name is Audrey and I am 10 months old. And all this Christmas stuff scares the living shit out of me. You keep putting me down next to a big freakin' tree with lights on it (isn't it going to catch on fire???) and I hate it.

Here we are two weeks later, and again, I don't like that tree you keep sitting me next to! And that red ball? What am I supposed to do with that? You won't let me put it in my mouth and it doesn't bounce, what good is it?


Erin said...

Awwwwww, so sweet!

Anonymous said...

I'm just trying to visit as many of the NaBloPoMo blogs as I can and I thought I'd say hi, I liked your blog.. :) What gorgeous kids!

I used to be scared of the Christmas tree as well. When I got a little older I liked to lie under it in the dark with the lights on and just watch them do their light thing. :) And these days sparkly glittery things are always good to have around.

CPA Mom said...

Too funny. Is this at your house?

lizziep901 said...

So.freakin.cute. We are taking the girls on Sunday to get theirs done. Wish me luck!!!

Michele_3 said...

LOVE the comments you inserted!
She didn't seemed to amused but awful CUTE!
Both of your girls are PRECIOUS, I'm sure you know- (I just tell you all the time.. LOL!)
I'm going to email you & Denise the pixs the boys took last weekend..(my scanner is broke)

Jippy said...

I love these Photos! How adorable. I wanted to email you but this laptop is automated towards a mac account and I don't have one. I would like to share more info that might be helpful for your step sister. We get our mitochondria from our mothers. So you sister might benefit from taking some of the same vitamins, co Q 10, L Carnitor, B-50 are the most important. Candy and Naps are extremely important as well. There are some very scary forms of Mitochondrial disease so prepare yourself when looking into it. Tell her to get a genetics clinic that is familiar with Mito. Dr. R Boles is one of the best in the nation. Google his name and you'll get loads of info. Best of luck and please email me or pass on my email to your sister.

SJ said...

Very cute, very cute!

I'm actually worried about putting up a Christmas tree with Isaac in the house. He might just try to climb it!

It's amazing how much your girls look like you (& Ray too!).