Friday, February 02, 2007

Everyone is okay

It 2:00pm and Audrey has pretty much been asleep since we got home at 9:00am. When she does wake up though, she is pretty cranky. I am hoping when she wakes up for good, she is happier.

The surgery went well. The doctor said her ears were filled with pus and such, basically still completely infected dispite being on antibiotics since December 1. So there is a ton of drainage from her ears.
Everyone at the surgery center was absolutely wonderful except for the very last nurse we saw in recovery. She informed Ray and I that Audrey had so many ear infections since she was in daycare. I attempted to tell her my older daughter was in daycare as well, and only had one ear infection, but she wasn't listening. I kept my cool since Audrey was crying and I was trying to get her to calm down. She did inform me later she has no kids (go figure) so who cares what she said.

What was very helpful was the drug they gave her about 20 minutes prior to taking her back. It pretty much made her calm and relaxed so that when they wheeled her away, she wasn't screaming. It was almost like she was drunk and it was very cute. We were in the waiting area for all of 10 minutes before the doctor came back out. Total time spent at the surgery center? Two hours.

Have a great weekend everyone...Ray and I are actually going out tomorrow night. We are having dinner at a restaurant that actually takes reservations and then seeing "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" at the Raleigh theater. It has received rave reviews, so it better be good because I do not like the movie as much as Ray does...


SJ said...

Hey there...glad to hear that everything went well!

The puss is gross but it'll stop in a few days. Isaac was the same way - tons of drainage at first and lots of puss and stuff behind the eardrum prior to surgery. I hope you notice a difference soon, she'll be a totally different baby! And that drug they give right before surgery does kind of make them cute doesn't it!

Have a great weekend - enjoy your night out!

CPA Mom said...

I'm glad it went well! I remember that drug - they gave it to Tigger the second time but not the first.

Enjoy your date! I'm jealous.

And seriously, how freakin' cute is your baby. I want to pinch her cheeks.

CPA Mom said...

Oh, and that nurse, she can kiss my ample ass. she's a working person, wait until she has kids and they are in day care. Geez! Eeyore has had like two infections and she's been in daycare just like Tigger, actually, started much younger than him. It's more to do with the immune system and genetics but that brings up breast vs. bottle and you know we don't want to open up THAT can of worms.

Christine said...

Poor baby girl....I'm glad she is doing better. Glad you can get out with your husband.
Hope you all have a great weekend!

Kellie said...

I know it's not a cute matter, but HOW FREAKIN' CUTE is she in her little hospital gown??!!

Seriously, I'm glad all went well. And, that nurse can kiss my winter white ass, too!!

Have a wonderful date with the hubby and a great weekend!!

Sexy Simone said...

Awww, the poor thing actually looks adorable sitting there in her little gown.

I'm glad she did well, and I hope you have a fabulous time out with Ray!!!

Kelly M said...

I'm so glad everything turned out well! Hopefully, you will notice a difference soon!

Amy said...

I'm glad she's doing well - and I'm steaming on your behalf about the "because she's in daycare" comment.

scribbit said...

Oh have a great time! Hope Audrey feels better soon and can get back to an infection-free life.

And by the way, I went out with Andrew Friday night and enjoyed a trip to Starbucks thanks to you. I'm totally addicted to hot chocolate and they have great stuff there--weird I know, who goes to Starbucks and has hot chocolate, but there you have it. Thanks so much.

Rachel said...

I'm so glad to hear the surgury went well!! I hope Audrey's ear problems are gone for good now. I love the pics, she is a beautiful baby.

Mrs. CPA said...

Here's to less time spent at teh Dr's office and the pharmacy! Yea!

I'm glad she did well.