Monday, February 26, 2007

Fun Monday - My Blogging Enviroment

This week, Willowtree has the honors of hosting Fun Monday. Go there to see all the participants.

My writing for my blog mostly happens at home. One thing that sold me on the house we bought was this little room. It is off of the kitchen, and the builder built in a desk. As soon as I saw it, I knew it would be perfect for my scrapbooking room. We made our formal living room Ray's office, so I could finally have some space all to my own.

Most of my blog reading happens at work. You know, on my lunch break and such. And this is here...Have a great Monday! I am home this morning with pink eye Audrey, and at 11:30am I am reading to Ashley's class since it's Dr. Suess' Birthday this week. And then I will go into work. And read some blogs. And do some work.


CPA Mom said...

"read on your lunch break and such" - yeah, I know about the "and such." I know.

What are you going to read? Cat in the Hat?

Sorry about the pink eye. Been there, done that, about 10 times.

That Chick Over There said...

I extra love with cheese your little desk. I swear I will have my own room in our next house.


Anonymous said...

I think your room is fantastic and I *fluffy pink glittery heart* it!!

Happy reading...both at school AND at work :)

Pamela said...

Your own little room! That is the best.

For the first 25 years I always thought we were going to build our own "house" Now I know that it's just not going to be on our agenda.

That is something I would have hoped for. And an office for the hubby.

Being born beautiful instead of rich has its disadvantages (joke)

Beccy said...

Lucky you with your own little room, sounds like heaven.

Both your desks are very tidy is this usual?

Bethany said...

I want my own room!

ChrisB said...

You are so neat and tidy (do you detect envy) and I just love your little room and the family photos on the desk. Enjoy your reading wherever it might be!!

Brown Eyed Girl said...

That "little room" is all I would need to make me happy.

I need a place to go...just like that unfortunately with my 14 year place is off limits.

Sorry about the pink eye kid..that's not fun.

The "and such" is probably why I'm going to eventually get fired.

Nicole said...

hey, i'm one of those "and such" bloggers too! i don't have time to blog at home!

Anonymous said...

your own room!!...and it doesn't even have a toilet in the middle of it. How cool!

Rachel said...

Eww, pink eye is not so much fun!

He he, "and such", yeah, that's when I read too.

I love the little room, it's nice to have your own space.

willowtree said...

Ah yes! Saving the best for last. That is a great room, love it. But to be honest, I like the work setup better, it's more my style.

You're lucky to have such a good space to spend you work hours at.

Mary said...

A room of one's own. What could be better!

Mama Drama Jenny said...

Oh pinkeye. I feel your pain, sister. I just got over a case of it that my kiddo gave me. 3 pinkeyes in one house.

Not fun.

Working Mom said...

Totally jealous of your space. I want my own space.

Pink eye sucks. Luckily I've only dealt with that once (during a hurricane with no power for 5 times).

my4kids said...

I'm jealous of your little room. I want one. Maybe I should look for that in our new house when we move.
Also I do the and such reading also. Most of my posting in from home but I do the "and such" when I am not to busy at work.

Shauna said...

I love the room! ! ! I wish I had something like that. . . :)

Robin said...

Great spot at work, great spot at home. It's nice having a little versatility, huh? I have "my own little room", a closet off our bedroom, but it's for stamping and storage and eventually, for organizing our pictures which have been crammed in boxes for YEARS (idiot, I am :/). Our router doesn't extend range to that corner, so I can't blog there.

Sorry about the pink-eye infestation...did Jenny send it to you? :(