Saturday, April 07, 2007

Weekend away...

We decided at the last minute to go to Myrtle Beach this weekend for Easter. Maybe, just maybe the weekend away would help Ashley turn from devil child into something just slightly nicer.

I think the main problem is Ashley is transitioning from a three hour nap every afternoon to no nap whatsoever. How's that working so far? In the past two weekends where she has not taken a nap, she has fallen asleep at 5 pm twice, once in a restaurant.

Yes, thanks to tricks told by all of you, she stays in her room now. But that doesn't stop her from intermittently screaming my name or crying hysterically every few nights. A few times she has woken up her sister.

She really is a sweet child, really she is. She will charm you with her long eye lashes and amazing smile. And then try to put her to bed. I double dog dare you.


Anonymous said...

I'm SO jealous of a weekend away! A weekend away in Myrtle Beach?! Even MORE jealous :)

I normally don't back down from a dare...especially a double dog dare, but ummm, yeah.... I'm gonna have to pass on this one :)

frannie said...

I hope the weekend away helps her get the schedule down.

good luck!

Beccy said...

Have a fantastic weekend. I'm well past bedtime horrors so I'll pass on the double dog dare!

Christine said...

Hope you are having an awesome get away vacation. I'm jealous too, I'd love to getaway to any Beach!
Katelyn's doing the same thing, no nap, crabby, and falls asleep before dinner.

Wishing you and your family a very Blessed Easter!

Rachel said...

Hope the weekend was fun! I'm glad to hear that bedtime is get easier. I agree with the no nap causing her to be, ahem, devilish! Going from 3 to none is a big transition and she's just not handling it well.

Kelly M said...

Myrtle Beach...umm yeah IT"S FRIGGIN COLD HERE!! hahah Where's the warm weather?? I had to go to walmart Sunday and attempt to buy a sweatshit and sweatpants..I was freezing...hmm of which WALMART had NONE!!! Craziness!! I hope you had a great weekend!

Heather said...

We have bed time issues too - I'll have to post about them some time. Not quite the typical ones, but still, I'll pass on the dare ;-)

I hated when my daughter went from napping to no nap!