Friday, April 06, 2007

Friday Pictures

Audrey loves pudding...
Last weekend we had an easter hunt for some neighbors in our backyard. These are the girls Ashley loves to play with on the street.

Ashley and her best friend Hayden.

Have a great Easter everyone!


CPA Mom said...

I like pudding too!

Great pictures. Happy Easter to you too.

Did your nut-free candy come in?

Brown Eyed Girl said...

Oh how cute!

I see the array of things on the tray.

Aren't the "food combos" the kids eat amazing?

Stuff that would turn my stomach..the kids just gooble up one right after the other.

Anonymous said...

I love me some pudding, too :)

Great jealous of the sunshine and the short sleeves!!

Have a wonderful Easter!!

Working Mom said...

Love the pictures!

Hope you have a great Easter!

Vicki said...

okay listen those kids are CUTE!

SJ said...

Love the pictures! You have a great Easter too, try to stay's snowing here right now. Grrrrrr.

Julie said...

Hoppy Easter to you. Haha, get it hoppy like a bunny. Yes, I know I'm lame and I till tell you See You Next Year on Dec. 31 also.

We're hosting an egg hunt tomorrow - looks like you had better weather though!

Rachel said...

Sweet sweet pictures! How great that Ashley has all those girls her age to play with!

Audrey's tray looks alot like Alyssa's although Alyssa would have spilled milk on her's. She likes to turn over the, uh, spill-proof cups and bang them on the table to get the milk out.

my4kids said...

I like pudding too!
Very cute pictures!
Happy Easter.

Heather said...

ADORABLE pictures!!

Hope you had a great Easter!!