Thursday, May 24, 2007

Ten Things Meme

I was tagged by Lawyer Mama to do a Ten Things Meme (I will get to the other one this week EC..). She said we could mix it up, so since you guys don't really, really hear about Ray, here are ten things about him:

1. He is four days younger than me, born in the same hospital as me, had the same pediatrician as me (who later died when that plane crashed into the 14th street bridge in D.C.). Oh, and our Moms went to high school together.
2. He has a brother who is 8 years younger than him.
3. He graduated from Virginia Tech with two degrees - Finance and Management Science.
4. He would really like me to massage his feet, and I never do.
5. He has a full head of hair (thank GOD) unlike his younger brother or his dad.
6. He has lost a ton of weight recently as well, I think his total is around 45 pounds. He lost 6 inches in his waist.
7. He watches What Not To Wear with me and enjoys it.
8. He can also make a pretty damn good cake.
9. No, you may not have him.
10. He puts up with me. I am not sure anyone else in the world would.

Onto another note, I don't normally discuss my great tv watching ability, but did anyone watch the season finale of Lost last night? Holy Heck, that was a good one...


Happy Working Mom said...

Very cool being born in the same hospital only days apart! And of course the pediatrician thing and the moms going to high school together. No one can tell you guys you weren't meant to be together!

The full head of hair thing is also nice, especially since it doesn't appear to be in his genes :)

CPA Mom said...

Hey, I was going do the 10 things Meme about HP tomorrow in honor of our anniversary. Great minds think alike.

Can he make us a cake when we get together in July?

I haven't seen the entire season of Lost yet - so I wont' be back here in case anyone drops any spoilers. I'm waiting for the DVD

Anonymous said...

How cool that you were born in the same hospital, 4 days apart??!! Jimmy watches What Not to Wear with me and doesn't mind, either :)

my4kids said...

Thats really cool about being born in the same hospital, same dr and parents knowing each other! How often does that happen?
Its okay your hubby sounds nice but I like my own and he has a full head of hair unlike his father and uncles also. They were all balding in their 20's so I think he will be okay for awhile!

Rachel said...

#1 is sooooo cool!!! I can bake a cake, but putting icing on it is a whole other story!

ChrisB said...

It was really good to hear about Ray and a man who can bake lucky you! How brilliant to have lost so much weight I wish he'd give me a few tips!!

Beccy said...

That was a great idea to do it about Ray.

Lost A Sock said...

A husband that makes a cake? Fantastic!

Isabel said...

What a sweet post. I love that he watches WNTW!!

(I haven't seen "Lost" I can't comment.)

la bellina mammina said...

great meme about your hubby!

Julie said...

Congrats to Ray on his weightloss - that's awesome! He sounds like a sweetheart.

PortraitofPeter said...

Luv your 10 things meme of your hubby.

Except full head of hair (ouch). That hurt - as I look in the mirror.

Still if nature says it must go - then who am I to say otherwise!!

Thank you for your kind thoughts and comments too for Madeleine, the parents made a deeply moving interview today on tv.

SJ said...

Ah, that plane crash that killed your pediatrician - I remember that story all to well from our school years!

Ray sounds like an awesome guy/husband. Can't wait to meet him someday!

Heather said...

You guys have lots of links - pretty cool!! My hubby won't watch 'girl shows' (as he calls them! ;-)

And Lost ROCKED!!!