Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Day 4 of vacation - yes, I am late with this...

First off - HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAY!! Yes, our birthdays are really close together...

Day 4 of vacation (or what happened yesterday)
The Plan: MGM for breakfast, back in the room for naps, pool in the afternoon, dinner in the room, EPCOT for fireworks.

What actually happened:
We had breakfast reservations at Hollywood and Vine with The Little Einsteins and JoJo and Goliath from JoJo's Circus. We met up with friends who are here now with their four year old little boy. Breakfast was yummy, and Leo from Little Einsteins would not let Audrey go. He gave her the biggest, longest hug. Audrey loved it all.

After breakfast we headed out into the park. I convinced Ashley to do Tower of Terror with me, and she will tell you she liked it, but she will also tell you she won't ride it again.

Then we had a slight crisis. Ray and I did the swap on Rockin Rollercoaster. I rode first by myself, and I forgot I had my cell phone in my pocket. Well, when I got off the ride, it was not in my pocket anymore. And that roller coaster goes upside down in parts. To say Ray was mad was an understatement. Kind of like the camera I want, I bugged the shit out of him to get that phone. Ray and our friend Wendy went on it next, and Ray asked about my phone. Well, in perfect Disney style, they check all the cars after each ride, and the found my phone! Wahoo! Crisis averted.

A little while later, we actually ran into neighbors of friends of ours who live in Virginia. Crazy, small world.

We stayed at MGM through lunch, then headed back to the room so that Audrey could nap in her pack-n-play. And did she ever nap. She went down at 1:00pm and Ray woke her up a little before 5:00pm. While she napped, Ashley rested for awhile, and then her and I headed to the pool. The pool at our hotel is awesome, it has a sand bottom, but it's not real sand, kind of like crystals that look like sand, but don't stick to you. Plus, there are two water slides and a lazy river. Ray brought Audrey down when she was finally up, and we played for about an hour more. Then we headed back to the room to get changed and have dinner.

Our friends were at EPCOT, so we headed there to meet them. Another cool thing about our hotel is that is it within walking distance to EPCOT. We walked around with them for a little while, and then their son was getting tired and Wendy's knee was bothering her, so they gave us their fastpasses (passes that basically let you go to the front of the line) to Test Track. The time for the fastpasses were 8:30pm, which worked out great as Ray and I did the swap and got to ride with Ashley who loves that ride and then finished up just in time for the fireworks. By this time, the pool time and not napping had caught up to Ashley. She just sat in the stroller while Audrey enjoyed in the fireworks.

We got back to the room and Audrey was WIRED. she was up past 10:00pm. We are not letting her nap that long today!

The Good:
The characters giving Audrey lots of attention at breakfast.
Ashley having a blast at the pool and telling me all about school; it was nice to have some alone time with her.
It was 90 today, and yes that is good as I love the hot...
Getting my cell phone back.

The Bad:
Losing my cell phone, but hey, at least I got it back...


frannie said...

the hotel we stayed at was walking distance to epcot--- is it near a boardwalk thing??? and it had a really cool pool, with a pirate ship.

Edie C said...

How cool is that that they found your phone!! Glad Ray asked about it!!

Sounds like so much fun!!

Happy Working Mom said...

I'm so glad you got your phone back! Vacation is not the place to lose it!!

It sounds like you guys are really having a good time!

Pam said...

Yeah on the hugs at breakfast. Sorry about your cell phone- but yeah that you got it back. That pool sounds so awesome to me! I would love that. The look and feel of sand without it being in parts of your suit/body not intended for sand ;) I am loving reading all about your vacation...so glad you can blog as you go!

wolfbaby said...

that sounds like such a wonderful time.. glad ya'll are enjoying yourselves!!

SJ said...

Happy Birthday Ray! Today is my neices birthday too! Glad you found your lost phone!

Sounds like you are having a great time!

Anonymous said...

Morgan is SO jealous of Audrey right now--she loves Little Einsteins :)

Glad you got your phone back.

The vacation sounds great!!

Sabrina said...

That's so awesome Amy! Glad you're having fun! Can't believe Ashley rode on the House of Terror! I'm so taking Alyssa on that next time :P Or at least I'll try to!

Julie said...

Phew on the phone!

I'm glad you had that time with Ashley. I'm always amazed at how little one on one time I actually get with either of my kids. They deserve it but sometimes it's hard to get it.

Pamela said...

I am enjoying your vacation

my4kids said...

That pool sounds really cool! I'm so jealous.
Also you had 90 degree weather? Ours was 40 with 50 mile an hour winds!
At least your only bad was something that was taken care of and ended on the good.