Saturday, January 05, 2008

Do You Know Anyone Who Had a Baby in December 2007?

TurboTax is sponsoring a contest for all of those parents who had a baby in December 2007. The contest is called "America's Cutest Last-Minute TaxDeduction." Parents are invited to upload a photo of their newborn to the contest's web site, where their fellow taxpayers will vote for the cutest and most original photo of the baby. The winner will receive a $5,000 savings bond ($10,000 uponmaturity). The site is CutestTaxDeduction and the contest ends January 9.

Good Luck!


Pam said...

My friend had a baby on Dec 21st - I will be sure to share this info with her! Thanks!

Kelly M said...

OOhh I just had a friend that had a baby on the 21st..(I just noticed it is the same day as I will definitely pass this on to her..thanks :)