Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Cheerios and Heart Disease

If you guys are like me, you buy alot of Cheerios. I actually like Cheerios and often eat a bowl as a snack late at night (or as a lunch item when the hospital cafeteria is offering chicken livers again...). Not only are they Weight Watchers friendly, but they are heart friendly as well.

Some facts:
-Heart disease ranked highest (38%) in terms of chief health concerns among women.
-Only 50 percent of women have had their cholesterol level checked in the past year.
-In fact, more women have checked their computer for viruses (78 percent), checked their tire pressure (56 percent) and checked the batteries in their smoke detector (53 percent) than have had their cholesterol level checked (50 percent).

Cheerios has once again kicked off the Cheerios Circle of Helping Hearts program that will help to provide free cholesterol screenings for women in need. For every person who enters the code at, $1 will be donated WomenHeart to support women’s health education and cholesterol screenings for women in need. (The code can be found on the inside flap of specially marked boxes.) Cheerios and 8th Continent soymilk together will donate up to $500,000 to WomenHeart, the nation’s only patient advocacy organization serving women with heart disease.


Lori said...

We are big Cheerios fans (and were even before Blake)... I'll have to watch for that on our next box!

I love when good for you food does things that are good for others!

SJ said...

Where do you find all this awesome information! We love Cheerios too!