Thursday, March 13, 2008

Operation Single Parent

Ray leaves tonight to go visit the town this lady lives in. He has some conference thing there tomorrow, and no, I don't know the details. Some realtor thing. I tried to tag along so I could visit my internet friend, but airfare was expensive, I don't have much leave at work, and we need to save as much as we can in case we have some two mortgage months in the future due to our house in Virginia.

So it's just me and the girls from tonight until Saturday morning, which is really no big deal. And actually, we have a house guest right now who the girls love, so at least I can have adult conversations. I would go into details about our house guest, but I really can't for the sake of her privacy. She is going through some issues and Ray and I offered our home to her, and I will leave it at that.

And this weekend, we will have more house guests. Saturday our good friends from Virginia are coming to visit with their three kids and their sister. So add 3 more adults and 3 more kids to my house for 2 nights should be fun. And messy. And loud. Just like I like it. I love seeing the kids have fun and enjoying themselves.

And remember when you guys gave me some good ideas for Valentine's Day? I posted some ideas I found for St. Patrick's Day on Lookit, but if you guys have any more ideas on making the day special, please fill me in. Especially if you know any foods that do well with green food dye...


common mom said...

Loud, busy, messy . . . how fun! Brings back memories of being at Grandma's house with all my cousins when I was little :-) Have a great weekend! I won't have as many extras as you, but tomorrow is Kid Swap weekend with a couple other families, so we get 4 extra boys in our house from Friday to Saturday - fun fun fun!

Lori said...

wow you may not have your hubby there with you, but you certainly won't be alone! have fun

Laura said...

Sounds like a great time for evreyone!!!


Pam said...

You are such a caring and loving person to open your home to another person in need! How sweet!

Good luck with all the visitors coming and everything.

Kelly M said...

Sounds like a fun filled weekend! I can't believe how behind I am in reading your blog...sorry I will catch up!

stewbie2 said...


Anonymous said...

Hope you all have a great weekend :) Want me to FedEx Morgan to you?

BoufMom9 said...

Sounds like you are going to have a GREAT weekend!
LOVE the things you posted on Lookit. Very cool!
Here's something I always make for St Pat's. (I suppose you could throw some green dye in there)

Irish Potatoes

3 oz. cream cheese
2 1/2 c. 10x sugar (confectioners)
1 cup coconut
1/2 tsp vanilla
dash salt

Whip cream cheese, stir in sugar gradually.
Add the rest of the ingrediants, except for the cinnamon, and combine well.
Make into 1/2 in to 1 in. balls.
Roll in cinnamon.


Happy Working Mom said...

Yes, still sad about not meeting you :(

I hope he has a good time here. Yesterday was gorgeous (for us anyway) but today is a little chillier and rainy.

Good luck with all the guests!

SJ said...

I can send along a recipe to you that my mom always made, it's called 'green stuff'. Or well that's what she's always called it. It's like an ambrosia salad with a twist. And it's green! Let me know if you want it!

Julie said...

Growing up our local bagel place always sold Green Bagels around St. Patty's day.

Rachel said...

Sounds like fun!!! Can I come?

my4kids said...

Good luck with the single mommy thing for a couple of days! Kelly will be out of town for a couple of days next week and I will be in the same boat. We have a visitor coming tomorrow also for the next 2 weeks.