Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Um, Yea...

I don't even know where to start. Today has been a long day, and in a good way.

Unfortunately, it started out with a guy having a heart attack on my first flight. We weren't too far from the gate, so we pulled back into the gate and he was taken off the flight.

Then my next flight from Philly to Newburgh-Stewart was delayed by almost two hours. And then I shared transportation to the hotel with a race car driver who is also a soon to be reality tv star...and that person is female.

AND there are only 11 of us invited. AND I am the only "Mommy Blogger". I kept getting asked who I work for as everyone else works for someone...Woman's Day Magazine, some woman's outdoor magazine (I promise to get details tomorrow).

I did meet this guy and this guy (damn, can't find his site, I will get a card tomorrow) and they are super nice. And the soon to be reality tv star is super nice too.

The head guy leading this from GM not only lived in Virginia near where we did, but he is also a Hokie and can hook me up in Disney with some Fastpasses.

Sorry if this is not detailed enough, I will get more coherent thoughts tomorrow. I am tired from a long travel day, meeting everyone, figuring this whole event out. I am nervous and excited about tomorrow. I have an Eco-challenge in the morning followed by clay shooting and fly fishing. And I have been told there are prizes, and everyone knows how competitive I am.


SJ said...

ACK! What a way to start off your trip, a passenger had a heart attack on the flight!?

But seriously, enjoy yourself! Sounds like you are in great company.

Can't wait to hear more details.

BoufMom9 said...

Looking forward to the details!
The first flight...YIKES!!!!

ChrisB said...

That was some journey~poor guy he was lucky(if one can call it luck!) that it happened before you took off.

Wendy said...

How exciting! I can't wait to hear more!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds exciting :) Looking forward to hearing more!

Julie said...

Have fun and good luck with the eco-challenge - I hope you win a prize!

Pamela said...

Go Go Go Go Go. Win the competitions! YES!

(egads to the first flight. Thank goodness it wasn't one of the mid flight illnesses.)

CPA Mom said...

You are TOTALLY going to win. I can feel it. SQUEAL!

Anonymous said...

Hello--One of the guys on the trip with you is my husband (Jason from About). I find him wonderful company--and I hope you do too. He tells me automotive journalistsare almost always interesting, relaxed and smart folks, which is one of the perks of the job.

I just talked to him this morning from a shooting range (!) and was googling the event to find out what other events he was doing. Sounds like a great trip for you


Laura said...

What an eventful start to your trip.

Cannot wait for more details.

have fun!

frannie said...

well, aren't you just too cool for school!

this is all amazing!!!