Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Moving on...anniversary celebration

So Saturday morning, Ray and my stepdad played golf (they had a tee time at 6:30am). I had a haircut at 8:30am, Ashley had a cheerleading meeting at 9:00am, and we had a birthday party that both girls were invited to at 10:30am. To say we were running around was an understatement. My Mom entertained the girls at our town's farmer's market when I was getting my hair cut, and then we rushed (I didn't get to get my hair styled, no time) to the cheerleading meeting. And off from that to the birthday party which we made in time.

Everyone met up for lunch, and then back to our house to pack. Then Ray and I left the girls in good hands and were off. Ray had booked a hotel room in Chapel Hill which is only about 45 minutes from our house. We stayed at The Carolina Inn which is on UNC's campus. Beautiful hotel (and no, I did not take my camera which I kicked myself for later). Everyone that we talked to that had gone to UNC for college told us it would be fun and that Franklin street was the place to go. It was within walking distance to our hotel.

Unfortunately, Franklin street was dead. As in hardly anyone anywhere. There were bars to go to, and we did have dinner at Top of the Hill, which supposedly Michael Jordan owns (he went to UNC for those who don't know). But dinner was extremely expensive. We actually ended up at the bar at our hotel where at least the bartender was friendly. I asked him if he went to UNC, and he actually went to West Virginia (WVU) and hated UNC and Virginia Tech, which was fine. To each his own.

We were impressed we actually stayed up until 11:00pm, but promptly crashed. Sunday morning we hit the local Panera Bread and were back home by 9:15am. We missed the girls and knew my Mom and Stepdad wanted to get home.

It was nice to get away, and we had never explored Chapel Hill, so that was nice. I would say we would only go back there if we went with other people. Otherwise, there are plenty of other places in NC we have not been to yet and would love to go visit.


Julie said...

Busy weekend! How did the cheerleading things go?

Sabrina said...

Umm..Birthday party started at 10 :P Was good to see you! I completely forgot it was your anniversary weekend! You could have blown us off!!! Glad you had fun though!

giants fan said...

wow! no time to relax, huh? sounds like a fun weekend, though.

Laura said...

Wow - busy weekend. It is always great to get away and regroup!