Thursday, August 28, 2008

Family Rules

I like to steal ideas, and this one I saw online as well as at a neighbor's house. Using the all so helpful google search, I came up with appropriate rules for my family.

1. Use kind words with your family.
2. Always say please and thank you.
3. Gives hugs to all members of your family everyday.
4. Speak quietly inside the house.
5. No whining, arguing or teasing.
6. Be kind and gentle to Tootles (the dog).
7. Tell the truth.
8. No back talk with Mom and Dad.
9. Do what Mom and Dad say the first time.
10. Put things away that you take out.

Things in the evening get a little hairy. Ashley is exhausted from a full day at school, and she just gets louder and louder and more and more defiant and disobedient. I know it's because she's tired, but I need to get her to recognize she's tired and not react the way she does.

We will probably just point out these rules once in a while and make sure the girls are reminded of them. Anyone else have any success with Family Rules?


That Chick Over There said...

We don't have rules exactly, but Boy and Girl child are older so we have consequences. We wrote up things they could do that are not good and make up punishments for them. We all got involved and it's really worked well.

SJ said...

You know, I have a girlfriend that has rules posted all over her house for her kids and family - a list very similar to that one. She claims that they work very well and I've seriously been thinking about implementing something like this in my house as well.

Good luck and let me know how it goes!

Lori said...

I do not have rules in my house, but always did in my classroom. Making the rules positive and what you should do instead of what you shouldn't do helps too

Lori said...

there is bling on my blog for you

3XMom said...

great ideas! I will likely steal them from you!

Misty said...

This is a GREAT idea...

I'll now resource it from YOU!

giants fan said...

very good idea!

Jennifer said...

I don't have any, can I take yours?? That list is pretty much what I say all day. I think its a great idea to post it somewhere to guve the kids a visual even if they can't read!