Tuesday, September 16, 2008

She really wants to be an only child

With Ashley gone to the grandparents (and having a fabulous time), we are at home with Audrey. And all the extra attention she is getting?

She is completely eating it all up.

She loves it. She has been dancing and singing. Ray said when he picked her up from school yesterday, she talked nonstop the entire ride home. Last night I took her to a gymnastics class at the local gymnastics place to see if she would like it. Two other girls from her class were there as well. She was in heaven. She loved it and didn't stop moving the entire time. Her instructor kept telling us to have the girls try things (like walk the balance beam, hang from the uneven bars), but not to expect them to do it. Audrey did it all. She even did a handstand by walking her feet up a wall.

And you should have seen her talking to her sister on the phone last night. The faces? Priceless. I need to capture it on video if she talks to her tonight.

Last night we let her stay up later, and then we let her fall asleep in our bed. Will we pay for this later? Most likely, but for right now, she is my little one, and I want her to have some special time as well.


Lori said...

how great that she is having such a great time, and getting lots of extra special attention.

I'm sure she will be psyched to have her sister back home too

Anonymous said...

It's awesome that she's getting all this time with you and Ray (and Ashley's also getting alone time with her grandparents) and that you and Ray get this time with just her.


Catherine said...

We do this with our Audrey too when her brother is away. I figure he got two years of us to himself, what's a few nights?

Happy Working Mom said...

How fun! I'm glad she's enjoying the extra attention! And I'm sure Ashley's having a blast as well!

Laura said...

It is so great when you can spend one on one time with each child. How special of a time you are making for her. Awesome!

Julie said...

It's amazing how much the little ones chat once the big girls are not around. I notice the same thing with Emily. It's nice for them to be an only child now and then! : )

Lori said...

there is bling on my blog for you

SJ said...

Doesn't it blow your mind to only have ONE child in tow, when the other is away? They turn into completely different kids! And well you sort of feel like you've lost something....or at least that's how I feel!

It's good that each one got some special alone time with important people in their lives....I think that is great!