Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday Pictures I do not have

And I should have some pictures as yesterday was Ashley's Thanksgiving feast at school. I braved the cafeteria turkey, Ray did not. And I say I should have pictures, but I forgot to bring my camera. We did take video from Ray's new flip video recorder thingy, but he has yet to download the video for me (total slacker).

It was cute, there was food to eat, yummy desserts, and the kids sang songs at the end. Ashley didn't really sing the first few, but seemed to wake up at the end.

Instead of pictures, I will give you some funny things the girls have said the past few days. If I don't write them down now, I will forget them and I won't be able to remind them when they are 20 of the cute things they did or say.

* Audrey and Ashley were laying in my bed this morning waiting for me to finish getting dressed before going downstairs. Audrey blatantly hit Ashley in the leg (Ashley didn't even notice) and then immediately looked up at me and said, "I did NOT hit my sister".

* As Ashley's reward for staying on green at school all week (which didn't happen, her mouth, she wanted to take a bath in my bathtub. And she wanted to turn on the guts. Yes, guts, in which I told her I think she meant jets.

* Audrey has taken up growling at us. Where at times it's cute and we laugh and she giggles, I am thinking this is not a behavior we should enforce.

* Audrey doesn't say the "y" sound, and it is so freaking adorable when we ask her if she is ready for bed, and we get, "not et".

There were more, but of course I can't remember them now.


Lori said...

too cute. I'm glad to hear you got to go to school for turkey day dinner... it's always an adventure

bermudabluez said...

Very cute! You'll be glad you blogged about them because when you get to be my'll never remember...hahaha! Sounds like Turkey Day at school was alot of fun.

Pamela said...

I was thinking the same thing as bermudabluez. I wish I'd written them all down.

giants fan said...

kids are such good entertainment!