Friday, January 16, 2009

100 days

Today is Ashley's 100th day of school (remember, she is on year round, so may have reached this later than a traditional calendar school year? I don't know...). She had to bring in 100 things and they are having a celebration this afternoon in class.

I still have days where I can't believe I have a kindergartner. I was behind her school bus this morning driving out of our neighborhood (I drove to the bus stop this morning BECAUSE IT IS LIKE 20 DEGREES OUTSIDE) (I need to remind everyone how much I despise the cold) and it was just one of those moments where I realized how big she was, riding a bus, getting herself to class.

And then Audrey is turning three this weekend, and just thinking ahead to her started kindergarten gets me all choked up. Ray and I tell Audrey all the time we want her to stay little. We give up with Ashley since she's already so tall it's difficult to pick her up. But Audrey? She's still so little and snuggly, if she could only stay that way.

And no, I am still not ready for her party tomorrow (gotta do the goodie bags) and I still have to get her a leotard and tap shoes for her dance class she is starting tomorrow. Nothing like waiting until the last minute.


Lori said...

hard to believe how fast they grow sometimes!

bermudabluez said...

My daughter's 23rd birthday is Sunday. I cannot EVEN believe it. It goes soooooooo fast. And I love her more each and every single day. It seems like yesterday when I was filming her getting on the bus for kindergarten!

giants fan said...

it does just hit you sometimes, doesn't it?

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Wait - she had to bring in 100 things? Like, 100 different things?

I am not ready for Kindergarten.

That Chick Over There said...

I feel ya...mine will be 11 in 2 months. ELEVEN. GAH.