Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Back to the daily grind...

For the first time ever, Audrey told me she did not want to go to school today. This is from the child who everyday at drop off pretty much runs away from me to play with her friends. No crying, no pushing me out the door like the teachers have the other kids do, no grabbing onto my leg begging me to stay. She goes to her center and starts playing.

I am guessing she enjoyed our little snow day yesterday, which was nice. I took pictures to document our day (at some point I will post them). Ray went into his office, and we had a day with just us girls. Ashley, unlike the last time it snowed, had no desire to go outside. Her and Audrey "built" a campsite in my bedroom while I cleaned out the dress-up closet. We also went through all of our kid movies and matched movies with cases and discarded the cases which some how no longer had movies. We made some shamrocks and had breakfast for dinner.

So Audrey was still a little whiny by the time we were loading up the van to take her to school (Ashley was going in 2 hours late...). And how did I get her stop whining and get excited about school? She got to eat rice cakes in the van on the way there. Seriously, the way to her heart is through her stomach by the form of rice cakes or fruit snacks, which I honestly think are laced with cocaine. We got to her school and she was fine.

Again, not how I wanted to start off the month of March, so it had better get better from here.


Anonymous said...

Morgan is a rice cake FREAK!! She loves the Quaker mini ones in either honey nut or apple. Little weirdos.


Brandi said...

I agree with them being laced with something...it's like Lay's, you can't eat just one!

SJ said...

You know, my kids haven't proclaimed that they didn't want to go to school in a very long time....I'll take that as a good thing!