Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Economy = Suckage

I am honestly tired of hearing about how bad the economy is. What if all the news channels changed their ways and discussed how the economy is moving up, and things are getting better? Would just the spoken word of it change things, make someone's perspective of the world change? Would positive thinking make things better?

Yesterday, I learned about one friend getting fired and another acquaintance being laid off from their job. And when I called Ray yesterday to tell him I was on my way home, he said he was running to the bank to deposit the rent check from our renters we had received in the mail. Because our renters are having issues of their own and every month we wait to see if we will get that check.

And if we don't? Believe me, I have googled "what happens if your house is foreclosed", which brings up 601,000 hits. One article I read stated:

"If you're in danger of falling behind on your mortgage, or if you're already late, you may be skeptical about your lender's willingness to help. And if you take the advice we personal-finance types typically offer -- call the lender as soon as possible and ask for help -- you could find yourself stymied by the lender's bureaucracy or even told to come back when you are really behind in your payments. The homeowners get a response of, 'Don't bother us. Come back when you're two months behind'".

Which is kind of scary.

So, positive thinking. Ray is doing well with his new business, which I may have failed to mention here. He no longer works for Kellar Williams but owns his own broker firm, Dream Living Realty. My job, where it is not totally secure, is okay for now. We have been told there will be no raises next year (our fiscal year runs June - July) and they will cut benefits before they cut jobs.

And in honor of Dr. Seuss' birthday, a positive thinking quote for the day:

"Don’t cry because it is over. Smile because it happened."

Of course, teaching that to a three year old may be hard, but hey, who said life was easy?


Terri said...

So sorry to hear about your fiends. It is hard these days, but I agree, if the media would report the positives, this world would be much better.

SJ said...

I'm so tired of the negativity in the news, it's sad that they feed off of it and spew it through the airwaves like they do. But hey, that's their I do what I know how to do - I turn the TV off. I just can't handle it anymore these days....

I'm glad to hear that Ray's busines is doing well, and I agree with the positivity. Hang in there! My job is teetering as well....or at least I feel that way.

Lost A Sock said...

Boy I second that. It can't possibly get better if all we do is sit around and talk about how bad things are.

Congrats to Ray on his new business! Our renters, too, are struggling with job loss, but we're hanging in there every first of the month.

That Chick Over There said...

It's so awful, isn't it? I hate the news these days.

common mom said...

I lost the previous comment, so I'll try again.

It seems that we hear of someone losing a job or at least having a pay cut weekly. I think you're right . . . if the media wasn't so downer about all this stuff, it maybe wouldn't be soooo bad. Something like 92% of the US population has not been financially affected by the recession . . . it would be nice to hear that news more often.

Glad to hear your hubby's business is doing well and that you're still good to go with your job. I can't wait until my part time job starts so I can get back out there!

Best of luck with your renters . . . it is always soooo difficult.