Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Going to play the lottery

Ashley and Audrey were both in a mid-season dance class for the past few months. I wanted something to fill the void in the winter months, and Audrey seemed to really like ballet. Ashley did ballet when she was four, but didn't like it. For some reason now she likes it and said she even wants to do it next year as well. So bizarre. That and she says she wants to play basketball. Weird.

So for the classes starting in the fall, the dance school in our town has a lottery since there are so many kids that want particular classes. You stop by this week to pick a number which determines what time you get to go back and sign up for a class.

Ray stopped by yesterday and picked up numbers for Ashley and Audrey. There are probably over 300 numbers for each age group to be drawn. He let Ashley draw the numbers.

She drew number 1 for herself! Of course she drew something like 127 for Audrey, but I am thinking that we should really go play the lottery now.

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