Friday, March 13, 2009

I have THREE children (well, really four if you count Ray in the equation...)

So yesterday I was working from home. At some point, I was upstairs doing laundry or something, and I heard our dog Tootles yelp and whine. I didn't think anything of it as she often whines when we are upstairs during the day (we only let her upstairs at night after multiple bathroom accidents on her part).

I go back downstairs, and she is laying on a pillow on the floor, which is sort of odd and she is normally a permanent fixture on the back of our couch. I go back to doing some work and think nothing of it.

And then I go to walk her. She is slow to get up, and when I try to put her harness on her, she yelps like I hurt her. Not good. She labors through the walk, not running in parts like she normally does.

I call Ray when I get back inside since I was about to leave to take Ashley to piano and he was coming home to get ready to take Ashley to Myrtle Beach. He takes one look at her and decides she needs to go to the vet. A call was made, but they couldn't see her until this morning. They gave us an emergency number to call just in case.

Ray and Ashley leave, and Tootles isn't doing much better. A friend stops by, and she whines and walks all crooked to her (Tootles is a dachshund). But after sitting in my lap for about 10 minutes, she jumps up and runs perfectly normal to her food bowl.

Well, huh. Did she pick up some drama tips from my girls or what?

I carry her upstairs at bedtime, and this morning, she promptly jumped off my bed and went down the stairs. Then she jumped on our couch, which is a pretty big feat for her as it requires her to take a big start from across the room.

I really needed to be at work this morning, so I called the vet and they said that she probably just hurt her back somehow yesterday and resting it last night helped. They said we could bring her in anytime next week to have her checked out. (Plus, I still have my head cold and sounded kind of bad on the phone with them, so I am thinking they didn't want me to come into their office and get them sick...).

So yea, dog = another child to stress about. Thankfully she seems okay, but unfortunately since we rescued Tootles, we aren't sure of her age or her history.

Nice start to a completely cold, rainy weekend. And then I let Audrey paint my fingernails last night, and forgot to take it off. I look lovely today.


Mrs. CPA said...

Of course her symptoms will return this weekend when the vet is closed and your only choice is $$$ emergency vet. Just like a kid getting sick with no hope of a pediatrician's office being open.

SJ said...

Hmm, interesting. I wonder if she pulled a muscle or something? I hope she's ok!

Hope you feel better soon!

Moogie said...

LOL! Isn't that the way it always works? I hope that she keeps doing ok and that you feel better soon!