Monday, March 09, 2009


Finally, the cold weather is mostly behind us. Seriously, last week we had all four seasons in one week - snow to summer temperatures. We mostly spent the entire weekend outdoors as much as we could.

But I have to tell you about my Friday night. I go to the gym a few nights a week with a neighbor and good friend of mine. We go around 8:00pm normally, workout, enjoy the steam room and/or sauna, shower, and put our pjs on and go home. We haven't been on a Friday night, but since Ray had some work to do and the girls played outside and didn't do movie night, I went with my friend to the gym. We left around 7:30pm, stopped by Old Navy for a little shopping, and then off to work out.

The gym was mostly empty, and we got done with our workout and steam room time around 10:00pm. So we headed to the showers. There was only one shower of about 20 or so showers occupied.

And it was occupied by TWO women. Yes, showering together.

Let's just preface this with a couple of things. First, I have no problem with lesbians or gays. More power to you. Second, the showers at the gym? Kind of gross (I don't like touching the walls in them) and small, as in not really room for two women to be in it together.

I think there is a time and place for you to take a shower with your best friend/lover/whatever. And I don't think that includes the gym where there are other individuals trying to get their showers and what not done. It's bad enough there are women walking around the locker room without clothing when they really, REALLY should have clothes on.

So, an interesting night at the gym to say the least. Anyone else ever experience this?


Carmen B. said...

Well, definitely find the locker room mentality interesting but I have never experienced that. I'm a towel dresser...really not modest but don't find the need to be out there if you know what I mean.

Sabrina said...

Stop talking about me. I already apologized for it. We were conserving water :P


I hate the locker room. I don't want to see anything, that's why they invented towels.

Erica said...

Delurking to say Holy Crap! I think I would have skipped the shower that night. I am like you and have no problem w/ gays and lesbians, but I would have had a problem w/ that even if it was a man and woman. Just wrong. People are insane. Ok, I'm done ranting.

Jason and Stephanie said...

I'm very modest at the gym and wait until I get home to shower. I really shouldn't because it's a great way to conserve water and apparently I care about such things.

Martha said...

It is mostly older women at my gym an if someone pulled that stunt I can promise youone of them would raise a big ruckus.

I guess they probably thought no one else would be around, but seriously that is a public place. gross. That sort of intimacy belongs in private (regardless of gender.)

SJ said...

Yeah that would be a little akward, especially if they were having a 'special' moment or something together....

In a gym locker room?