Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I made it ALL the way through winter...

And now I have a head cold. I guess it could be worse, I know a few people with the flu, and supposedly some really nasty stomach thing is going around. I have used more bottles of Purell this winter on me and my kids.

I will survive this. My threshold (and all the females out there shake your heads) for the common head cold is pretty high. I can still function with slight whining. I may go to bed extra early and get out of doing the dishes for a few nights, but that's about it.

I also have a pretty high threshold of pain, and I am pretty sure I have passed that down to Audrey. She went back today for a follow-up on the asthma study she is in, and they went ahead and took a blood sample (two complete vials) for allergy testing.

Per instructions from the nurses, she was on my lap with her legs in between mine and me holding her non-blood drawing arm. They got her ready and stuck her and she barely flinched and didn't cry.

That's my girl. She whimpered a little bit, but that was it. She was excited to go back to school to show her friends her band aid.

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SJ said...

I have a high pain tolerance too! Unfortunately NO ONE else in my family does though...

Hope you feel better soon!