Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tootles - The Dog

Tootles has finally earned her very own picture-worthy post.
Basically documenting all the damage she has done in our house (forgetting the rug we discarded from our family room) (oh, and the rug we had in front of the front door).

The window ledge she chews when she is pissed we are outside and she is not.The first Christmas we had her, we had a small party, and one of the kids was scared of dogs. We locked Tootles in our bathroom, and she obviously was pretty pissed. More bathroom damage.

But she has definitely become part of the family. It's been about 1 1/2 years since we rescued her, and she is now gets really upset when she thinks someone is hurting one of the girls, especially Audrey. I had to put her in the garage last Sunday when Audrey had a playdate with one of her friends.

Let's just hope the damage remains minimal.


Kellie said...

She's cute. Which makes it easier to overlook the damage :)

SJ said...

Ohhhh Toooodles! Is that how you call her when you are searching for her? Being that you are a huge Disney fan and all, I'm guessing that's where her name came from? Maybe??

I'd be afraid to document all the damage my dogs have done over the years.....I'd say Toodles is keeping it minimal.

Pamela said...

that is one of the reasons I have not replaced our dog.

Did you know you can have plastic tips put over cats claws? I wonder if you can do the same for dogs.