Thursday, April 09, 2009

Checked out

I went to the gym last night, and on my way out (and no, I did not see two women taking a shower together this time), I saw a Dad with his son (or so I assume it was his son) and his son was saying something to him, and the Dad was busy talking to someone else. I wanted to say, hey, listen to your kid, but really? It's none of my business.

Unfortunately, I have done that some lately. Last Saturday night when our friends were in town, we were eating dinner when Audrey was asking me something. I know what was happening, I was thinking WAY ahead of the answer I had to give her and just forgot to answer her. My friend Adrienne spoke up and said, "are you going to answer her?". We laughed about it, but seriously, I need to stop doing that.

I just need to focus, I realize that. But sometimes I get home from work and something needs to be done and stuff needs to be signed and dinners need to be planned and I start tuning stuff out. And unfortunately for Ray, he gets tuned out first. But that's okay, because he can always hit me on the head with a brick and let me know I need to wake up.

I need an evening where there is no pressure of getting ready for work or school. And tonight is it. The girls don't have school tomorrow and I don't have work. I am teaching a class today at work, so maybe that has been what has been bugging me lately. I get worked up about it sometimes. Especially because I know a particularly volatile (and possible multiple personalities, and I am not kidding) person is attending the training class today. I am hoping her "nice" personality shows up today.


Brandi said...

Hang in there darlin! We all do that at times, when our kids want our attention, but so do many other things at one time. My daughters tell me all the time "See mom you were not listening again". I try to listen, but like you said things come up that need my attention. And hoping along with you that the "nice" personality shows up.

Laura said...

Hope your training session went well.

Sometimes it is hard not to lose focus and really listen...

Happy Easter!
Oh! I have a give-away on my blog this weekend - hope you enter!