Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Dear God, it was cold yesterday

Thank goodness Ashley's field trip was to a museum, and not to some outdoor location. Although all the parents were worried as we were waiting for the bus to show up (why can't we ride the bus with the kids?) that we would have to eat outside as originally planned. It was about 45 degrees out with a brisk wind. And of course they were going to eat lunch as soon as they got there, AT 10:30AM. Needless to say, I did not eat lunch.

But the field trip was fun, and when I got home from the field trip I had about an hour to kill prior to getting Ashley off the bus. I should have been cleaning, or cooking, or laundry, or all three since I am not normally home during the day and stuff needed to get done.

Instead, I took that hour and read a book. I am almost done reading Firefly Lane, and let me tell you. If you have a daughter, be prepared to be very, very scared of her teenage years if you read this book. That's my warning. I am currently looking for a stop-growing pill on google for Ashley and Audrey. Because I do not want two teenage girls.


SJ said...

I concur, however I do not want two teenaged BOYS.


Shannon ( said...

My daughter is 7. I probably shouldn't read that book but now I feel compelled to!