Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Pictures - Earth Day (with a few Easter ones thrown in for good measure)

First up, Easter pictures. As most of you know, I like to dress the girls alike because a) I'm crazy and b) I am fostering some sort of inner peace from dressing two girls alike, unlike when my Mother dressed me and my twin BROTHER alike as kids.

Audrey had been begging to wear those shoes for weeks. I finally let her wear them. The dresses are from awesome site with great priced clothing. I always get free shipping and shop the sales.

Actually, Audrey was only happy about the shoes. She wasn't too keen on the dress, although she will only wear dresses these days and it drives me insane. Mostly because I bought her some really cute shorts that she refuses to wear.

So freaking glad I got her hair cut....but really? Does this look like a five year old?

So to celebrate Earth Day last Saturday, we hiked over the the UNC campus, specifically outside of the Morehead Planetarium last Saturday. Not only was there free stuff for the kids to do, but Kickin Grass was playing. They played the girls favorite song, Chugalug (yes, a song about drinking, but it's catchy and fast and it puts the girls in a good mood) and even dedicated the song to us. Which was nice in that now half of Chapel Hill thinks our family is a bunch of drinkers.

Yup, there was face painting with all organic materials. We can never pass on face painting.

The girls got to make some homemade chia pets (I always wanted one!) with recycled pantyhose, coffee grinds, grass seeds.

And this is Bob (a girl) and I forget what Audrey named hers. They are now sprouting grass "hair" on our back deck.

Hey look! Ray actually had the camera! And even took a picture of me. Not sure how that happened....


Loukia said...

Such adorable pictures! I think the matching pink dresses look cute on your girls.

Pamela said...

I can't wait to see the chia pets after they sprout. (will we be able to determine for SURE that bob is a chia girl. ha ha)

Hey -- the girls look pretty in pink. Good job mom.

wolfbaby said...

You guys all look awesome and yeah she looks like a five year old with attitude.... sounds just like mine;)