Monday, April 27, 2009


When I have more than 10 minutes to sit down and do a "real" post about the Great Wolf Lodge in Concord, NC we went to this weekend, I will. I just can't do it justice in the few minutes during lunch I have to blog (I really need to eat my oatmeal...yes, that's all I have for lunch today because I forgot my damn lunch and I refuse to go get fast food because I ate fast food this weekend and would rather save my money for more important things like shoes).

So this weekend was busy as you can only imagine. We stayed at the Great Wolf Lodge Friday night and came home Saturday. After we left the Great Wolf Lodge, we hit the Ikea store which was only a few exits down on I-85. Audrey was so tired, she fell asleep while talking about some toy she wanted. Seriously. I guess the water park wore her out. Of course, I was holding her and had to then maneuver a shopping cart while holding a sleeping three year old, but we survived (Ray was pushing his own cart of furniture for his office). I scored new dishes and new pots and pans for less than $80. Our previous pots and pans? We had since we GOT MARRIED (that's 11 years ago). They were long overdue to be replaced.

So Sunday rolled around and we did the church and grocery shopping thing. And then I had signed up to run the Race of Grace, a 5K race through part of downtown Raleigh. At 4:00pm on a day where the high was 90 degrees. Luckily, my friend went with me and having her running faster and in front of me sort of pushed me to finish. I did end up walking a little bit of it as my head was on fire. As you can tell from pictures of me, I have jet black hair (and yes, that is my natural hair color). My head got really, really hot and I had used the bottle of water my friend bought me within the first mile of the race.

And I didn't even mention the best part. While waiting for the race to start, a bird pooped on my shoulder. I am so not kidding. I have no luck with birds - I have even been pooped on in Disney World.

I am not going to share my time with you because it sucked. I was hoping to do better. I didn't get to the gym at all last week due to my random head cold/coughing thing, so I think that hurt. That and the heat. I am signed up for the Race for the Cure in June, and I had better beat my time on that race.


carmen said...

Having a bird poop on you is a sign of good luck. I read it in a Judy Blume book when I was a teen. Therefore, it must be law.

I wish I'd been able to meet you this weekend. Do you want me to send you some pics of the concert - I got some really good ones!

Brandi said...

Glad the weeken was good, and I can't wait to read all about it in detail! What a snag at Ikea! I love Ikea. Such good prices.

Way to go for at least finishing the race. Whether your time was wondderful or not you finished. With bird poop and all!

wolfbaby said...

i think your awesome for doing the race!!!

Laura said...

A bird - seriously - that is crazy!

I think you did great!

Good luck in your next race!