Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Ashley only has 11 days of school left, and then starts 1st grade on July 7th. We should get the letter in the mail this week as to what teacher she has next year since meet the teacher is next week. There are three 1st grade teachers for her track next year, and I can just cross my fingers that at least one of her closest friends gets in her class with her.

Audrey also moves up classrooms in her school the same week Ashley starts 1st grade. (And by the way, just typing 1st grade makes me sad and weepy; I thought I was a mess when she started kindergarten...). There are two classes for each age group in Audrey's school, and how I wish they would just keep all the kids together throughout their years there, but they won't.

I wrote the director an email requesting Audrey be kept with two of her friends and the director promised me that Audrey would be put with one of them. And she was, the girl that she loves and has marathon playdates with (seriously, we were at her house for 3 hours on Sunday for a playdate, and they played so well the whole time). But I am sad that she won't be in class with the boy that she is friends with. I get they need to move kids around classes due to personality issues, behavioral issues, but still. Audrey has been with some of these kids since she was 4 months old.

So there will be a lot of transitions the first few weeks of July. My kids may be ready for them, I will not.


Beckie said...

I always find the end of year so sad because it just means they are growing up so fast.

That Chick Over There said...

I am so with you sister. Two little words will not leave my brain:

Daisy said...

Good friendships will continue, even if the kids are not in the same class. Sometimes having close friends in class can be a bad thing because it distracts them from learning. I hope this transition goes well for all!