Monday, May 18, 2009


No one throw a shoe at me, but I am doing a three day detox program this week starting tomorrow.

And yes, Ray did ask if he could move out for those three days, but I think I will be fine. It is one where you drink a water/lemon juice/pure maple sugar mixture and take supplements. For three days.

So why am I doing it? Yes, I think my body needs cleaning out and yes I like the fact I will probably lose 5-7 pounds in three days (and possibly gain them right back, but whatever). But I am hopeful to also break my addiction to a Grande Mocha with an extra shot. And all those diet cokes.

But more importantly? It's a challenge, and I like challenges. There are four of us doing it, me and three other women who live in my neighborhood. Two of us work full time (and honestly, I think her and I have it easier because if I was home all day looking at my pantry, it would be so hard. Being at work? Pretty distracting.) and the other two are SAHMs. Two of the women have done it before and lived through it and actually said it wasn't that bad.

So needless to say on Tuesday through Thursday? I am not visiting any food blogs.


Sabrina said...

Um...wouldn't it be easier to take a laxative?

Martha said...

Your body cleans ITSELF out and you will almost CERTAINLY gain that weight back but.... you will probably also break the coffee/diet coke/caffeine addiction which is worthwhile all by itself.

Pamela said...

might as well just go have yourself a colonoscopy and make it a party.