Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday Pictures - Artplosure

Last weekend, we were keeping my friend's daughter for the weekend while they were at a wedding. Thankfully her and Ashley are the same age and play together really well.

We didn't have a good start to our Saturday though. I got up early to sign Ashley up for cheerleading. I got there at 7:30am, and the registration was supposed to start at 8:00am. I was 77th in line. Now, this also included football, but still! Crazy. I got Ashley and a neighbor signed up, and headed home so that Ray could run to his office to fix the server. He not only couldn't fix it, but on the way back home, he got a flat tire.

So we needed something fun to do and hopefully lift the bad luck that was following us. So we loaded up the kids, and headed to downtown Raleigh for Artplosure. Our first stop was El Rodeo, a mexican restaurant we used to eat at when we were in college at Virginia Tech. We were so excited when we moved to the Raleigh area to find out they had them here.

There were storm clouds all around us (once again, our bad luck for the day), but we managed. The kids made a bunch of art, saw some pirates, and got genuinely worn out which was good. Here are some pictures of the day:
Here is Ashley and her friend Jordan at lunch.

This is Audrey not listening to me and getting wet in the rain storm that passed.

Concentrating really, really hard.

I don't think Audrey was too happy I was taking pictures of her.

Doesn't she look kind of pissed?

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Pamela said...

Audrey needs to be in a commercial about welches grape juice or something