Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Fun Never Ends

This past holiday weekend had its ups and downs.

The ups? Hanging out with the kids, a cookout with friends, getting stuff done around the house.

The downs? Ray's car died at church (how inappropriate). I had driven it to church with Ashley so that I could teach her Sunday school class, which ended up being a private lesson for Ashley since no one else showed up. Ray came up an hour later for service and as I tried to leave, the car wouldn't start. So we went home, got a neighbor to drive Ray back with jumper cables, and Ray promptly drove the car straight to Advance Auto for a new battery.

Then there was the musical beds we played all weekend. Friday night, Ashley ended up in our bed saying her stomach hurt. About two hours after that, Audrey shows up without a shirt on and different pants then what she went to bed in. Come to find out, she had an accident in her bed and was attempting to change her clothes when she decided to come get me. So off I went to clean her and her bed up, and her and I slept the rest of the night in the guest bedroom.

Saturday night, Ashley had a friend sleep over, and again at 4:00am, Ashley was having troubles sleeping and her and I ended up in the guest bedroom. I didn't want her waking up her friend.

Sunday night brought Ashley up again saying her stomach hurt, except this time she decided to throw up all over the guest bed when I tried to get her to go to sleep. Not fun. We don't know what was wrong, she didn't throw up again and ate fine yesterday. We are going to limit her sugar intact since she seems to have an intolerance to sugar that we found out about last year. We have been slacking on watching what she ate, and now we are probably paying the price. She was actually supposed to go to school yesterday, but I kept her home instead.

Let's hope this week goes a little more smoothly.

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Anonymous said...

Ugh. Puke. Never fun.

I giggled a little at Audrey trying to clean everything up before coming to get you. I'm sure you didn't giggle!!