Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Need to catch up

I have pictures and videos to post. I have laundry to do, bags that need unpacking (and I don't know if they are from this weekend or last weekend, how sad is that). I also have about 300 unanswered emails in my inbox, and more stuff I need to post on my review blog than is humanly possible.

So instead, I will share a brief conversation from this morning.

The scene: Ashley and Audrey's bathroom while they were brushing their teeth and combing their hair.

Ashley: "When do I become a woman, Mommy?"
Me: (in the back of my head, thinking NEVER) "When you turn eighteen. Why?" (And no, I realize this probably wasn't the best of answers, but hey, I was completely caught off guard.)
Ashley: "I don't know, I just wanted to know."
Me: "Well, what made you think of it?"
Ashley: "I don't know."

What in the heck made her ask that? Maybe I don't want to know....

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