Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sorry, still playing catch-up

I am still trying to get stuff done at work and at home, and have yet to download pictures and videos and such. I was out of the office most of last week at a conference, hence the backlog of stuff at work. At home? I have no excuse except the freaking Hurricanes taking every series to 7 games and requiring me to stay up late to watch the games. (And Mom? That is the NHL hockey team here in NC, I realize you probably just read that and had no idea what I was talking about).

So? Instead I give you some sites I have come across lately:

  1. This is why you're fat - I just think this one is hilarious, in a "I may have over indulged in some nachos once in my life, and yea, that probably added a few pounds to me."
  2. MizPee - While this doesn't have NC listed, it just may have your state. And no, I am not normally freaked out by dirty toilets as I believe I have perfected the hover method.
  3. Rightathome - Everyone knows I am a HUGE advocate of freezing meals, and more importantly, I enjoy sitting down to a no-fuss dinner every night with my family (even though Ray normally sticks his nose up at something I have made). I found multiple recipes on this site I can prepare and freeze. And what was the easiest? These chicken recipes. And not only can you bake them, you can grill them as well.
  4. Spirit Fingerz - Yes, I love the Hokies of Virginia Tech. But look, they also have NC State and Wake Forest. HOW FREAKING CUTE I AM SO BUYING SOME.

Um, that's it. Have fun!

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