Monday, June 08, 2009


I realize I left this blog a little neglected last week. My apologies, but as soon as Ashley got off the bus on Tuesday, we headed straight for Myrtle Beach. Nothing like celebrating the end of kindergarten with a quick beach trip.

And it was well deserved. Ashley improved her behaviour grade on her last report card from a "2" to a "3". And because I know you are curious, here are the definitions:

Level 4 - Extends targeted grade level standards
Level 3* - Demonstrates proficiency of targeted grade level standards with evidence of application over time
Level 3 - Demonstrates proficiency of targeted grade level standard
Level 2 - Inconsistent and needs support to meet targeted grade level standards
Level 1 - Insufficient performance of targeted grade level standards with support

And for behaviour:
3 - meets expectations
2 - inconsistently meets expectations
1 - does not meet expectations

I guess it makes sense, but it was just different from the "S" or "S+" from when I was in elementary school. And then there is the who deserves a "4" thing. I know I had that college professor that did not believe in giving anyone, no matter what, and "A". Which completely sucked. Ashley actually did receive a "4" in math, but considering the grade level standards included things like "counting to 30", she was good to go.

And yes, I know it is kindergarten and her report card is really just an indicator of how she is doing, and she's doing fine. But it is nice to know that maybe she will be a math nerd just like her Mom and Dad. And yes, just because I use a ten-key to add and subtract doesn't mean I am not a math nerd.

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