Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Last Day

Today is the last day of kindergarten...
So at approximately 3:15pm, I am the parent of a 1st grader.
How in the HELL did that happen?

The bus driver makes all the kindergartners sit in the first few rows, on the door side of the bus. Every morning Ashley waves and waves and blows kisses at me until the bus pulls away. Considering she has told me she doesn't even want me at the bus stop when she is a 1st grader (fat chance on her part), I am thinking that the waving will cease when she starts back on July 7th. Or maybe it won't.


Terri said...

Congrats Ashley! And mom!

Nobe said...
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Nobe said...

my son is barely two years old and i already enrolled him to playgroup school. hope he doesn't bull anyone. he's a big kid. :)



Happy Working Mom said...

Yesterday was Kylie's last day of school too...can you believe our kids are in first grade?? Where did the time go?!?

It's really neat that Ashley won't have to go the whole summer without seeing all her friends...Kylie is having a hard time with that.

Anonymous said...

A first grader. Wow. :)

I keep forgetting she has school year round. I think I would like that for Morgan. Too bad the districts here don't do it.



Daisy said...

Wow! That's a wonderful - and bittersweet - milestone.