Tuesday, July 07, 2009

First Day

There's a ton I need/have to/want to blog about. I still need to load pictures from the 4th from my camera, as well as pictures from today, Ashley's first day of first grade.

And no, I did not cry, although it was hard. She has an actual desk, with workbooks and books and stuff, no more big table like she had in kindergarten. Audrey and I walked Ashley into her class today. It was semi-chaotic with it being the first day and the teachers trying to figure out what transportation the kids took to school and such. I helped Ashley load her stuff in her desk, and then helped another little girl who Ashley knows from cheerleading.

I left her coloring a picture and she seemed so big.

Audrey moves classrooms this week as well at her school. She is moving to the Preschool room, and this is where the learning really takes off. They work on one letter of the alphabet a week. She gets to move up with her best friend at school, so she is happy.

So onward to posting. I need to fill everyone in on my running, me getting to attend Blogher in Chicago later this month for free, the poison ivy I have once again, but this time on my arm. I need to post some Stove Top recipes, and a few giveaways on my review site. Seems like this Tuesday is going to be a busy day.

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