Thursday, July 09, 2009

First week of school

Ray and I have decided we officially do not like the first week of school. Ashley is so freaking tired from being in the class all day and not on whatever schedule she was on previously that she is not fun to be around in the evenings. I gave her bath and read books and put her to bed right after 7:00pm last night. And she slept until her alarm went off at 7:00am.

But as far as liking school and first grade, she loves it. She is so a little version of me. I loved school, still do.

Homework starts next week for her because according to Ashley, the teacher is still trying to figure out what the kids can and can't do. And then Ashley started naming the few kids in her class that still don't know their letters sounds. Hmm, interesting.

We are happier this year too that Ashley no longer eats lunch at 10:20am, but at a more normal time of 11:00am. She is still starving when she gets home, but at least when I go meet her for lunch now, it won't be as bad to eat cafeteria pizza at 10 o'clock in the morning.

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SJ said...

I was shocked at how early Keven Jr. ate lunch too! I'm glad to hear that Ashley's loving school, I hope Keven Jr does too come August!