Monday, July 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Ashley

Every year, I try and sit down and write a letter to the girls on their birthdays. It's hard to do this, sit down and remember the past year and what they are becoming. It's hard since I know time is slipping by too quickly, that soon I will look back and read these and ache to have that little girl back.

And Ashley had such an eventful year.


This year was full of stuff: there was lost teeth (three to be exact), first day of kindergarten, cheerleading, Girl Scouts, camps, weeks with the Grandparents, playdates and sleepovers. There were tears and laughs and learning how to ride as fast as you can on your scooter. There were frustrations with your two-wheeled bike, but as long as you have your scooter, you could care less.

And each day, you become more and more like me. You worry about everything - where certain toys are, where your favorite bathing suit is. You worry about schedules - when are we doing what and where and how. You keep asking me what time it is. And you really think sometimes that you are the Mommy.

You love your friends and your sister with more love than we thought possible. Every night, you let your sister climb into your bed and lay on you to give you a hug goodnight. Even if Audrey sometimes clocks you in the face, you still let her do it. And your friends are who you often think of first. On vacations, you want to buy them presents to bring back to them.

And how you are most like me? You like to talk. And talk and talk. And this talking is getting you in trouble in school. And this is where we differ. I was afraid to get in trouble in school, and did what I could do avoid it. You seem to like to challenge your teachers and see how much you can get away with.

Your kindergarten teacher told us she had never seen anyone like you. You can act like are not listening - humming, talking, not paying attention - yet when she would ask you what she just said, you could repeat it word for word. It's like you need a million things going on to make it work. And that is alot like me too.

Lately, you want to sleep in bed with me because going to sleep with my arm around you is the best thing in the world. And I would do it every night, but that's not the best for you. I still come in every night and give you a kiss and make sure the covers are the way you like them. And you look so beautiful and peaceful, I could watch you sleep all night long.

Happy 6th Birthday Ashley!


Happy Working Mom said...

How Beautiful!

Happy Birthday Ashley!

The Land of Motherhood said...

What a Great idea. I am going to start doing this with my three kids. I love it.

SJ said...

So sweet Amy! Happy birthday to Ashley!

Lost A Sock said...

Happy Birthday Ashley!