Friday, July 17, 2009

Land of the lost teeth

Ashley's top tooth has been loose since January. Seriously. Not really, really loose, but moveably loose. And then Monday this week, it was REALLY loose, as in she could just about turn it completely around. Which she liked to do to gross Ray out.
(Ignore how TIRED she looks...she has been going to bed at 7:00pm, but sleeping? Not good this week.)

And then yesterday at school, she bit into her cheeseburger, and poof. Out came her tooth. She was so freaking excited because all she wanted was to lose her tooth at school so she could to the office to get the tooth necklace to wear around her neck.
And the tooth necklace now? It is under Audrey's pillow. She says that it is her tooth that came out, and that the tooth fairy is coming for her as well. I mean really, who doesn't believe this face?


Happy Working Mom said...

Yeah for losing it at school! Kylie still has not lost any teeth and it's really bumming her out.

Martha said...

How fun is it that they have a tooth necklace at the school! We should look into that at my school. The kids lose a fair number of teeth and usually we just tape them to an index card so they don't get lost.

SJ said...

Gah! Your daughters are just too cute, I could just eat them right up!

Hooray for losing a tooth! I remember how much fun it was when I was a kid, I can't wait for Keven Jr. to lose his first (which will be soon, he's got a loose one now!)