Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I can sleep when I am dead

Yes, I listen to country music and like that song by Jason Michael Carroll hits close to home this week.

Ashley is back in the saddle of crappy sleeping, accentuated by nightmares and the inability to let go of my arm to actually fall asleep.

Audrey has also decided to get in on the fun, coming into our room in around 4:00am the past 2 nights. I think she was feeling left out.

So I go to bed at 11:00pm, get woken up by the dog wanting in bed at 11:21pm, and then get woken up at various points in the night, only to have my alarm clock go off at 5:50am.

Good times in my house. So, sleep is obviously not a priority for me right now. I have started my final class for my master's degree (without the student teaching part, who knows when that will happen), I have a birthday party this weekend, and then the following weekend is Blogher. And I am pretty darn sure there won't be any sleep there either. Especially since I am doing this:

The fun run is at 6:30am on Friday morning. I don't even land in Chicago until 7:30pm Thursday night. Should be interesting, but at least Carmen said she would run it with me. Hopefully she won't think I am a turtle due to my slow running...


SJ said...

I can't wait for BlogHer, it's going to be so much fun. You have yourself a good time though running that 5K - I'll sleep in or something instead!

I totally understand your sleeping woes, it's the same routine at my house too.

PS: my word verification for this comment is 'resting'. Ironic, no?

Happy Working Mom said...

Your nights sound so much like mine...bedtime, wake up with baby, alarm going off before 6:00 AM.

We'll have to remind each other of these times in 10 years when we are actually getting some sleep :)