Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I failed to let everyone know what happened this past weekend.

For starters, Ray went to Virginia to help his brother move on Friday, and came home on Saturday about 4:00pm. Just in time for me to go to a neighbor's to scrapbook and for him to take 2 tired kids to a birthday party (hehehe, I got the better end out of that deal, that's for sure).

So me, solo time with the kids, which is fine. I was going to take them on a bike ride to the Farmer's Market in our town on Saturday morning (since I couldn't do my usual run), and then to the pool. But the weather looked kind of iffy, so we decided to paint toenails, and the drive to the Farmer's Market and then see what else to do.

I banned Ashley to my bathroom with the nail polish because it would be my luck for her to get it on our carpet.

Ha! That was fate laughing at me.

While waiting for me to cut Audrey's toenails, Ashley sat on the side of my bathtub with the open bottle of redish-pinkish nail polish and accidentally knocked it into the bathtub.

Just so you know, nail polish remover DOES NOT WORK. Just in case you were curious. So plan B - go to Farmer's Market and then to Walmart to get Magic Eraser (or red paint as someone on twitter suggested to me) as that was the only thing Google said would work.

And yes, there is currently still nail polish in my tub as it takes a lot of elbow grease to get it out.

That was debacle #1. The second one came on Sunday morning. I had taken the girls to a park to ride their scooters after scrubbing and scrubbing the bathtub on Saturday. We had a nice picnic lunch and played. So Ashley's scooter was still in the van when she wanted to ride it on Sunday.

And being the independent little thing she is, she proceeded to go out the garage, open the back hatch to the van (by pushing the button, it is an automatic lift), and then also proceeded to try and open the garage door.

Our van barely fits in the garage (mainly because of all of our crap), and it definitely does not work if the back is open on the van.

So that order of events put a few scratches on the back of our van. Not really all that bad, and again, it was an accident.

I think I need to put my house in a bubble.

But the girls did have fun at the birthday party, as evident from these pictures:


Happy Working Mom said...

Wow. That's really all I can say...because I know I'm at all times just a second away from the same set of fiascos.

Didn't you always want a painted bathtub?


SJ said...

A redish/pinkish bathtub just might be the next coolest thing! Maybe? No?

The girls look adorable with their faces painted, did the birthday party host hire someone to come in and do that?

Lost A Sock said...

I can't wait to paint little girl toenails. Note to self: keep child in bathroom, no polish on tub. Yikes!!

(Remember when it was cool to splatter paint things? I think you should try it with your tub & a variety of colors.)