Friday, August 14, 2009

Poor Unfortunate Soul

So you know when you see something happening and you can't do anything about it, and random words come out of your mouth while watching the event?

Ray's brother and his wife and kids are visiting, and they decided to sleep in the playroom last night. And to preface, we actually have two staircases in our house (and no, we don't live in a big home, there is just a staircase at the back of the playroom that goes down as well as one in the middle, I know, kind of confusing). We always use the back staircase from the playroom because it has a door at the bottom that we keep shut so that Tootles doesn't come upstairs when we aren't home (because THIS is what she will do). The other staircase has a baby gate at the top that hasn't been removed since we moved in. It keeps Tootles from coming up, as well as keeps me sane as I fear Audrey's roaming at night would land her at the bottom of those hardwood stairs.

Instead of walking through the playroom, I decided to lift the kids and dog over the gate this morning. Dog first, which as I was doing it, I realized I should have gotten over the gate and pulled her over. I got her over the gate, and she kind of landed on her side and THEN PROCEEDED TO ROLL DOWN THE ENTIRE SET OF HARDWOOD STAIRS.

Unfortunately now I can't help but laugh as I type that.

Yes, she's fine. I just kept yelling "No, No, no, NO" as I watched her roll. But she got to the bottom and stood right up and walked away. I have no idea how she wasn't hurt, but I just called to check on her, and she's fine.


Anonymous said...

Poor Tootles :(

Although, after I read that she was okay, I went back and re-read the part about her rolling and laughed. A lot.

Jessie said...

Too funny. I also think it's funny (intersting, not haha) that I had a dog also named Tootles when I was little.

This reminds me of a story about what happened to my cat once. My mom and one of my friends were talking about cats and my mom commented how interesting it was that cats always land on their feet. So she picked up my cat to demonstrate. I'm sure you can see where this is headed - she dropped the cat and it landed on its side, which completely freaked it out and it ran away. She was totally fine since the actual fall was only about 2 feet, which is good because we all laughed pretty hard about it, and would have felt horrible for laughing if she had been hurt.

SJ said...


Pamela said...

my word verification is flati, and I'm glad she didn't get that way at the bottom of the stairs... poor lil thing.